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FDI presents ‘The Tooth Thief’, the WOHD 2014 children’s book

To mark World Oral Health Day 2014, FDI World Dental Federation is proud to present ‘The Tooth Thief‘, an illustrated children’s book that aims to instill good oral habits for children at a young age. The book follows the story of Mascarpone, a mouse detective, as he travels around the world trying to solve the mystery of the missing teeth. In his quest he meets different characters such as the Tooth Fairy, la Petite Souris from France, and the tooth spirits in Africa, who will teach him about many traditions in different regions of the globe. The book also includes 10 steps to improve healthy smiles to ensure children learn about the importance of a healthy oral routine which will help them in preventing oral health problems in the future.


Download the book on Apple iBook Store (iPad, iPhone, Mac) HERE


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Download the book on PDF format HERE


 Descargue el libro en formato PDF en Español AQUÍ

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