Kampong Thom, Cambodia: Say Ah! Together to have good oral health " ចូរនិយាយថា អាហ្អ! រួមគ្នា​ថែរក្សាសុខភាពមាត់ធ្មេញ​ " by Cambodian Dental Association

The Cambodian Dental Association has planned the celebration of WOHD 2020 alongside with FDI to achieve optimal oral health. CDA will host an official event on March 24, 2020 with participation from all potential-related stakeholders, Mayor of province, director of Provincial Health Department, Ministry of Health representatives (secretary of state of MOH, Chief of oral health bureau), Ministry of Education, CDA dentist members. The WOHD 20 march 2020 organized by Cambodia Dental Association will be celebrated in a very creative way with an official event with all potential stake holders to pledge for good oral for all, plus many other campaigns to nationwide pledge. The official event will be held on 24 march 2020, with approximately over 2000 participants (2000 participations are primary and secondary school students). On the side of the main event, CDA will conduct OHE, free dental check-up, SDF to all participants, and approximately providing Sealant and ART up to 1000 primary and secondary school students. Plus, before and after main Event WOHD, CDA will campaign the pledging and OHE of good oral health to overall health, the coverage expecting to exceed 20.000 people, mostly are teachers and school students as all targeted area are schools. Our goal is to out-loud the good oral health to the public through out “WOHD 20 March” as symbolic and remarkable day to be remembered.

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