Thessaly, Greece: Dentists and Patients Unite for Healthy Mouth by Stomatological Society of Greece

As part of the WOHD2020 celebration, the Stomatological Society of Greece (SSG), participates in the FDI initiative and this year chose to collaborate with the Dental Associations of the region to highlight the messages of the day. More specifically:

  • On the day of WOHD2020 (20/03), dentists of affiliated Dental Associations will wear badges or stickers with a photo / selfie printed from the FDI site. The dentists will give patients who visit the dental clinic that day, badges with specific messages of the program, translated to Greek.
  • On the same day, representatives of the Dental Associations and the Board of Directors of the SSG will give a press conference on local media (television / radio) to inform about the initiative and the messages of the day.
  • Utilizing social media and any other means to promote the initiative.


SSG and the Dental Associations of Messinia, Argolis, Magnesia and Pieria.

Estimated number of participants

The action is estimated to involve more than 200 dentists, members of the aforementioned Dental Associations and more than 2000 patients visiting dental clinics. In addition, the initiative will be further disseminated through press conferences and social media.

Social media:,