Wakatobi, Indonesia: “The Smile Hero” Inviting Everyone to Spread The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth at Night by Indonesian Dental Association

This year PDGI Bau-Bau branch and Nusantara Sehat celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) in Wakatobi island. WOHD is held together with a COVID 19 prevention campaign related to the spread of coronavirus. The activity was carried out in elementary school attended by 100 children.

Dentists work together with general practitioners to educate teachers and children in a class that only has a maximum of 20 students per class with two educators a dentist and a general practitioner. Clean and healthy behavior education is focused on brush teeth morning and night, washing hands properly using soap, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly.

Followed by giving toothbrush and toothpaste to 100 children. The important role of dentists is not always just oral health, here we want to help in preventing the spread of coronavirus.