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Welcome to the World Oral Health Day Logo Page

The World Oral Health Day (WOHD) logo is the strongest form of expression of the WOHD brand, remaining consistent each year, unifying the global campaign with national campaigns and events. It is translated in 38 languages and is available for use for all individuals and organizations promoting the WOHD campaign, a WOHD event or within advocacy materials.

WOHD logo on computer monitor


WOHD Logo Guidelines


Dos and Don'ts


Follow these guidelines whenever you are using the WOHD logo.

COPYRIGHT The logo is registered to FDI World Dental Federation and is subject to trademark laws. Therefore, it must not be used in any medium without permission from FDI. The WOHD logo is registered and can be used without permission if the usage guidelines and technical specifications below are followed. However, the WOHD logo cannot be used to in connection with the sale of products or to endorse a product in any way. If you want to use it in connection with a product, please contact FDI World Dental Federation to find out how your company can support World Oral Health Day.

DESIGN The WOHD logo consists of a combination of a stylized face smiling and World Oral Health Day with the date underneath.

World Oral Health Day logo

COLOURS Two colours are used in the WOHD logo: blue (PMS 280) and red (PMS 485).

PMS 280 C
RGB 0 83 143
CMYK 100 80 15 02
HEX #294A8D
PMS 485 C
RGB 237 27 46
CMYK 1 99 89 0
HEX #B72626

LOGO BACKGROUND COLOURS When positioning the logo on a coloured background, the value of the background determines how the logo is used. If the tint of the background is less than 50%, the coloured version should be used - if it is more than 50%, then the negative version should be used.

ALTERNATIVE LOGO OPTIONS Whenever possible, the full colour logo should be used. When it is not possible to use the full colour logo, the single colour or grayscale logos may be used.

CLEAR SPACE There must always be sufficient space surrounding the logo to avoid competition from other visual elements and maintain visual impact. The area of isolation represents the minimum clear space that must be provided at all times. The clear space is especially important on print materials to ensure maximum legibility.

WOHD logo clear space

MINIMUM SIZE Minimum size refers to the smallest size at which the WOHD logo may be reproduced to ensure its legibility. 

The minimum print reproduction size of the WOHD logo is 12 mm in height. However, if space limitations dictate the use of a reproduction size that is smaller than the recommended minimum, contact FDI for approval.

The minimum/standard logo size for digital applications varies on the medium. For desktop, the standard size is 250 px x 122 px and the minimum size is 200 px x 98 px. For mobile, the standard and minimum size 150 px x 73 px.

STANDARD LOGO POSITION The logo is usually positioned centred on the top of the page or if accompanied by other logos, on the left corner of the document.

  • Use the logo exactly as provided - never alter it in any way
  • Never use out-of-date logos
  • The logo must be big enough that the full name is legible - minimum height is 12mm (print) or 98px (digital)
  • There must be clear space around the logo equal to the height of the red smile (=1/3 of the full height of logo)
  • Logo must be used on a solid light background or on a photo with a simple background - alternative versions of logo are available for dark backgrounds
  • Any online use of the logo must link back to www.fdiworlddental.org
  • Logo cannot be used in any way that may imply endorsement or recognition of a product, brand, event or other activity without written approval of FDI World Dental Federation
  • Use of logo must be reviewed and approved by the FDI World Dental Federation Communications Department before usage (unless otherwise stated)
  • Logo is to be used in English and never adapted into the local language

Logo Alteration


Restrictions to WOHD Logo

Logo resolution

Do not enlarge a smaller logo unless it is in a vector (.eps) format. Enlarging a JPEG or PNG file will make it pixelated and it will lose detail.

Distortion and effects

Do not skew or rotate the logo. The logo may only be positioned on a 0° horizontal axis. Do not add visual effects to the logo such as bevels or filters.

Incorrect contrast

Do not apply the logo to a background where lack of contrast diminishes legibility.

Changing the size of the symbol or logotype

Do not alter the size and spatial relationship of the symbol and logotype.

Incorrect colour

Do not reproduce the logo in an unapproved colour. Do not reproduce the logo as a screen or tint.

Incorrect version

Do not position the logo within a box or other containing shape. The version of the logo should be appropriate to the background.

Incorrect font

Do not redraw or use another font to create the logo.

Incorrect logo

Do not use previous versions of the logo.



WOHD Logo files

All of the available logo versions are below. If you have any questions, please contact World Oral Health Day Team at wohd@fdiworlddental.org.