Reflect Your BUDSA Soul With Your Smile! - Biruni University Dental Students’ Association, Turkey

Social media campaign

As Biruni University Dental Students’ Association (BUDSA), we are going to run the “World Oral Health Day Social Media Campaign” as we mentioned below. Our posts are going to be both in Turkish and English.

You can check our Instagram account @officiallybudsa for more information and support us!


- Campaign 1 -

Concept: Commonly true known amisses.

  • We aim to increase awareness by selecting daily topics for our post and story which is about false facts at World Oral Health Day. We are explaining that the fluoride in tooth pastes is not a threat for human health; quite the contrary, it is an essential substance which prevents tooth decay. Also we are correcting the false facts about oral health habits like brushing teeth, brushing the tongue, and flossing.


- Campaign 2 -

Concept: We aim to increase the interest and awareness about World Oral Health Day by challenging our friends with posters on our Instagram stories.

  • We aim to inform others about this special day, and also enhance the interaction on Instagram of our association and personal accounts with the slogans "Proud of your Mouth" and "Reflect your BUDSA Soul with Your Smile" and Custom Posters via WOHD website.


- Campaign 3 - 

Concept: We aim to increase public awareness about this important day by sharing a main post on behalf of the World Oral Health Day. 

  • We share the WOHD theme by informing our followers about the importance and purpose of the World Oral Health Day. Thus, we encourage them to be proud of their mouths.


- Campaign 4 -

Concept: We aim to raise awareness of the public on oral cancer, which has a high incidence worldwide, with our instructive post about it.

  • By sharing and explaining the self-diagnosis methods step by step, we aim to draw attention to this issue by emphasizing the significance of self-diagnose of individuals and that oral cancer can be prevented by early diagnosis.


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