World oral health day campaign 2021 by MES Academy of Medical Sciences, India


The world oral health day campaign 2021 could create a better foothold among the folks through innovative and engaging events


Going with the trend, events like Muskaan-  best smile competition, dent reels- short and trending tapes about dentistry were conducted to encourage and educate the public about oral aesthetics and health.


To raise oral health awareness numerous charts and posters about different dental diseases and treatments were exhibited. The overall participation of the public was ensured through a dental quiz and the winners were gifted with dental hygiene kits inclusive of toothbrush, toothpaste, interdental brush and mouth wash.


Dental awareness videos pertained to proper brushing techniques, mistakes in brushing were projected to create a positive and lasting impression on patients.


The photobooth event emerged as an excellent way to develop the internal motivation of the public towards dental health.


With the title "Milk Tooth" a comprehensive dental programme was conducted for kids where they were prompted to recreate the drawings of toothbrush, floss and other routine dental care tools.


To promote the public to avail the services provided on the World Oral Health Day, March 20, pamphlets were distributed 1 week before the day and a free dental camp was set up besides issuing a 20% discount on other dental treatments. 



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