#MouthProud Challenge

Mouths play a big part in everyday life: enjoying a meal, talking to a neighbour, laughing with family and friends, singing for fun, kissing loved
ones, feeling your best...

Be a part of the #MouthProud Challenge

Post a video or photo of yourself using our Instagram and Facebook filters or online polaroid tool, to show that your mouth is important to you. Tag your friends to get them involved! Use this post to kick things off, or write your own…

“This #WorldOralHealthDay, take part in the #MouthProud Challenge! Capture yourself in a video or photo to share what your mouth means to you. Together, let’s spread the message and encourage people to look after their oral health to enjoy a lifetime of smiles. I nominate [tag four friends]

#WOHD23 #MouthProud”

Video file

#MouthProud polaroid filter